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Community Goals

Affordable education for individuals and groups of all ages. Our platform provides community support, opportunity to earn from an extra income source, and provide business owners a competitive edge by allowing them to leverage on our community.


100x is an entrepreneur community that works with aspiring entrepreneurs across the nation to help them discover what they love doing, learn about themselves, get exposure and start their own business.

We believe in having like-minded people along on our entrepreneurship journey. It was exactly why we started a social media community group for entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, it is common that we face various challenges, career or life aspects.

This community opens up opportunities to collaborate with one another to achieve our goals because we believe in sharing, supporting and empowering one another. ​Over time, our circle grew as we started inviting more entrepreneur friends to join us, to walk in this journey and solving problems together.

This energy of synergy worked so well that we have gathered a group of over 1,000 members.​

Vision & Mission


To build the future ecosystem of cultivating successful entrepreneur.


  • To be the leading business community in S.E.A.

  • An ecosystem that brings convenience in becoming an entrepreneur. To Train, To Equip, To Start Up, To Earn.

  • To create RM 1 Billion worth of business opportunity by 2025 within the community.

  • An ecosystem that is created through shared economy and resources.

  • To inspire 1 Million "people" to take on the entrepreneurship journey by 2025.

  • To cultivate 10,000 entrepreneurs to be leaders in their respective fields.

  • To cultivate 10,000 entrepreneurs who are willingly to invest in the next generation.

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    Passion Discovery

    Explore & Seek Your Passion

    Live Trainings

    Daily Live Zoom Session at Night.

    Virtual Summits

    7 Pillars of 100x

    Business & Entrepreneurship, Financial Intelligence, Fitness & Wellness, Sales & Marketing, Hobbies & Leisures, Personal Development, Love & Relationships


    Access to 100x Private Community

    (via Discord)



    Passion Equipping

    Realizing Your Passion

    Experiential Learning

    Certification & Accreditation

    Workshops & Challenges

    Work-With-You Challenges designed to help members take action



    Business Coaching/Advisory

    Members Directory

    For collaborations between members

    Starting Up

    Business Ventures/ Collaboration/ Investment/ Funding/ Pitching

    Advanced Challenges

    100x 100-Days Start-Up Challenge Endorsed by Ministry of Entrepreneur, Malaysia (MEDAC)



    Business Opportunities & Collaborations




    B2C, B2B, B2G Opportunities

    WHY 100X

    We seek to empower entrepreneurs by connecting with like-minded people. We strive to provide support in one's entrepreneurial journey with the community power, the power of teamwork.

    With community's gathered resources, it allows you to be efficient, cost effective by reaching out to the right resources and credited platform. These resources include affordable education, suitable for individuals and groups of all ages who wish to make a change in their lives.

    Unlike other entrepreneurial platform, 100x Connects platform provides community support, opportunity to earn from an extra income source and provide business owners with a competitive edge by allowing them to leverage on our community. We do not only TRAIN you in seeking for your passion, We EQUIP you as an entrepreneur, Start-Up in your Passion, and eventually create Business Opportunity for You.

    Who We Are

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